Somali fear of attack to the Chinese embassy 1 dead 3 after the black hand surfaced

Somali capital Mogadishu Peninsula Palace Hotel on the 26th encounter suicide car bomb attack
Somalia has become a "forgotten horn of Africa." After the withdrawal of the US military in 1993, Somalia became the "forgotten Horn of Africa." This is known to the pirates of the country, now with a tragedy triggered the world's attention. Somali capital Mogadishu Peninsula Palace Hotel 26, suffered a suicide car bomb attack, has caused at least 15 people were killed, more than 40 people were injured, most of the casualties for local civilians. The Chinese Embassy in Somalia is located in the hotel. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that a staff member of the embassy was killed in the attack and another three were injured. Extreme organization "Youth Party" claimed to have created the attack. Xinhua News Agency said, "Youth Party" to foreigners living in the hotel to attack, its purpose is to expand the impact of manufacturing momentum. Chinese personnel should not be the target of their attack. China's Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kuang 27th morning confirmed that the local time around 4 pm around 4 pm (Beijing time around 9 pm), Mogadishu Peninsula Palace Hotel was suicide car bomb attack, resulting in multiple countries Multiple casualties. The Peninsula Palace Hotel is about 5 minutes drive from the local airport and is a senior official and foreigner of the Somali government. The Chinese Embassy in Somalia is located on the top two floors of this 6-storey hotel. Explosion caused the embassy part of the house damaged, is the office of the Chinese Embassy in the guards of a security guard for the staff of the injury due to serious illness invalid died, and three embassy staff were slightly injured. Xinhua News Agency reported yesterday that China, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates and other countries of the embassy are in the peninsula Palace Hotel, Somali government officials and foreigners often go to this hotel. From the current situation, the "Youth Party" launched the attack did not have a specific goal, select the foreign concentration of the palace hotel to create the terrorist attacks, apparently to create a more serious international impact. This also fully exposes the organization's anti-human, anti-social terrorist nature. The cable was established on December 14, 1960. At the end of 1990, the outbreak of the civil war in Somalia, the Chinese embassies, medical teams and engineering and technical personnel in January 1991 was forced to evacuate, not to return. Since then, the Chinese Embassy in Kenya has hosted Somalia matters. October 12, 2014, the Chinese Embassy in Somalia in 23 years after the official resumption of the museum, office space is located in the Peninsula Palace Hotel, the highest 5 and 6 layers. What is the purpose of the "Youth Party" in Somalia? Comprehensive foreign media reports, the incident was a suicide attacker driving a truck, hit the peninsula Palace Hotel outside the explosion-proof wall, this truck is equipped with "tons" of explosives. The British media reported that it was one of the "most tragic" blast scenes he had seen in Mogadishu. The explosion of the shock wave destroyed at least the Peninsula Hotel's 8 rooms. The media quoted the Xinhua News Agency reporter, who had interviewed the Chinese embassy in Somalia, said that the Peninsula Palace Hotel was a private hotel run by locals. The security guards employed by the hotel were heavily armed at the hotel entrance, and there was a truck equipped with heavy machine guns under the hotel, and the hotel had a dense door. There are checkpoints at both ends of the road leading to the hotel. Extreme organization "Youth Party" declared responsibility for the terrorist attacks. "Youth Party" was established in early 2004. In 2009, the "Youth Party" sworn allegiance to Al Qaeda, which became the largest branch of Al Qaeda in Africa and became an extremely armed organization that threatened the entire region. Over the years, the "Al-Shabaab" has targeted Somali government officials and supporters whose targets were locked in by its "traitors", Western countries, United Nations agencies, non-cable groups and Kenya, Uganda and Djibouti, which sent troops to the country country. The attack occurred in the United States President Barack Obama's visit to Africa, do not rule out the "Youth Party" took the opportunity to rally. "Youth Party" claimed that the manufacture of the attack, also claiming to retaliate against the AU forces and the Somali government forces in southern Somalia recently carried out its encirclement. The day before the attack, the "Youth Party" also shot a Somali legislator in Mogadishu.

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