Chinese market deadly drawer cabinet is not recalled Shanghai quality inspection department talks about IKEA

(Reporter Xu Jing) for the recent IKEA companies in the North American market recall part of the drawer cabinet products but not related to the Chinese market situation (Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai, July 3)
(Reporter Xu Jing) for the recent IKEA in the North American market to recall part of the drawer cabinet products but not related to the Chinese market (the Chinese market), the Chinese market, "the fate of the drawer cabinet" is not recalled Shanghai quality inspection department interview IKEA News Agency Shanghai July 3 (Xinhua Xu Jing) Of the situation, the Shanghai Municipal Quality and Technical Supervision and the Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau on July 3 that has been about this IKEA company. Shanghai Quality Inspection Department of the first time interviewed IKEA (China) Investment Co., Ltd., to understand the situation, asked IKEA companies to effectively fulfill the main responsibility of enterprise quality and safety, serious investigation of product safety risks, to ensure that consumers personal and property safety. Shanghai quality inspection department said it would further verify the situation, urging IKEA companies to strictly abide by Chinese laws and regulations and relevant standards, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese consumers. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission recently announced that the IKEA Group has agreed to recall about 35.6 million bedside tables and dressers in the North American market due to the possible risk of overturning. Since 1989, these problems have resulted in the death of six children, 36 Children are injured. Although IKEA has agreed to the "deadly drawer cabinet" recall work, but the current recall is limited to North America, and IKEA clear statement, not in China recall the same product, and this overturned risk of 102 sub-series In the drawer cabinet, 22 are being sold in China. IKEA China said in an interview with the media, only based on the relevant standards in the United States was recalled, in addition, in line with all other national standards, in other countries did not start recall, including China, there is no discrimination. It is understood that IKEA last year in the world launched a "firmly fixed" activities, free of charge to provide customers with restraint devices to the cabinet fixed on the wall. But the installation service is available at an additional cost. An unidentified Shanghai consumer told reporters that the purchase of shoes for children belonging to the existence of the risk of goods, has been installed IKEA to provide the restraint device, but that there will still be down the risk, he plans to wait for children to walk Hurry for one. Author: Xu Jing

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