Driver drunk driving streak 12 people 6 seriously injured was arrested and asked why catch me

There were eight people injured in the accident
After the off-road vehicle accident, the injured fell in front of the fruit. The scene of the incident. The off-road vehicle was damaged. "After a sudden burst of violent impact, after the mind is blank, wake up when lying in the hospital." June 16, lying on the bed of Li Yu, still can not forget the night before he was hit horror scene. 15 at 8 o'clock in the evening, who lives in Dayi County Jinyuan town weir north of the new and Furong district she just jumped into the dam dance back to the cell door, a white sport utility vehicle suddenly frantically toward the roadside fruit stalls And the crowd rushed over. The accident caused 12 people to varying degrees of injury, one of the women was stuck in the accident off-road vehicles and a small truck between the serious injuries. Heard of the residents, wearing a vest, slippers, rain rescue. More than 20 residents together, literally raised off-road vehicles, the victim will be saved out of distress. 16, the reporter learned from the Dayi County traffic police brigade, the driver Pingmou suspected drunk driving, has been administrative detention. The accident is under further investigation. Monitoring the playback / off-road car as crazy as the crowd rushed to the crowd white off-road vehicles wiping the right side of the van directly to the fruit stalls and the crowd, the moment, fruit booth tent collapsed, the roadside chaos. 16 pm, Huaxi Dushi Bao reporter got the incident that night the door of the monitoring. Due to the angle of the problem, the monitoring can only see the off-road vehicles hit the first two fruit stalls part of the screen. 15 at 8:28 on the edge of the road before the two fruit stalls, there are several people in the purchase of fruit, a middle-aged woman carrying fruit ready to go to the cell door. 8:30 pm, a van into the monitoring screen. While the car passed the fruit stand, followed by the van rear, a white sport utility vehicle rubbed the right side of the van, crazy directly to the fruit stalls and the crowd, the moment, fruit booth tent collapsed, but also listen To a burst of messy shouting. Reporters from the monitoring to see, off-road speed is very fast, just 3 seconds, the original clean and tidy road side, the scene is chaotic. Some of the fruit stall was knocked down, and some did not seem to react, sitting there stiffly. Witnesses, Mr. Lee said, when he was walking, off-road vehicles crossed the two fruit stalls, and hit the back of the other shops, "hit a small truck, and hit two tricycles, off-road vehicles Only to stop. "Witnessed by the violent impact of tricycle on the three people fell Li Yu and two dancers riding a manpower tricycle to the cell door, suddenly encountered from the back of the violent impact, three were knocked to the ground, riding the The partner was dumped directly. After dinner every day, 53-year-old Li Yu and several friends have to jump dam dance, usually at 9 o'clock in the evening before going home. 15 evening due to rain, Li Yu and partner than usual more than half an hour ahead of the end to catch up. "If you come back later, you will not encounter the accident!" 16 memories of the scene that night, Li Yu sighed. Li Yu said she and two dancers just riding a manpower tricycle to the cell door, the car has not stopped, suddenly encountered a violent impact from behind, the car was knocked to three people on the ground. Riding a partner directly to be dumped out, intracranial hemorrhage, the most serious injuries, the hospital issued a number of dangerous notice. And Li Yu's forehead sewn seven or eight needles, thoracic fractures. "Very fierce impact, then the brain is blank." Li Yu said, after that she and the partner to see that tricycle, has been hit beyond recognition. 53-year-old Mr. Xu is the accident in the lighter, he recalled that he and his wife and his wife and sister after a three-day meal after a walk, is preparing to buy watermelon in front of the district to buy watermelon, off-road vehicles rushed over , They are injured. Mr. Xu was stuck in the off-road vehicles and a small truck between the wife Liu Li waist was stuck between the two cars, Liu Ligang college entrance examination finished 18-year-old daughter Li Han also seriously injured. Everyone rescue / more than 20 people carrying the car to catch the rain rescued by the card woman "one or two!" Twenty-three people shouting slogans, together with the effort, trying to lift off-road vehicles. After four or five attempts, off-road vehicles were finally lifted, was successfully rescued by the card Liu Li. As the two cars were stuck, Liu Li pale face, has no strength to call for help. Witnesses seeing shouting: "Some people were suppressed! Come help!" The district ran out of dozens of residents, despite the rain at that time, many people still wearing a vest, slippers ran out. "There are about twenty or three people to help." A citizen involved in carrying the car recall. "One or two! One or two!" The citizens shouted slogans and tried to lift the sport utility vehicle. Mr. Xu stuck his feet quickly rescued, but Liu Li was tightly stuck, can not move. "Do not force to lift it, too hard, afraid to hurt her." Mr. Ma involved in carrying the car said that everyone can only try a little bit hard. Side of the public, and some help to appease Liu Li, and some rush to call 120,110. After four or five attempts, off-road vehicles were finally raised little by little, between the two cars gradually exposed the gap, Liu Li was finally rescued. As the card was six or seven minutes, the injury suddenly Liu Li fainted to the ground, pants full of blood. Because the injury is too heavy, as of the evening of 16, Liu Li and daughter Li Han is still in intensive care unit. "The majority of the car is the residents of the district, but also passing pedestrians." The night of the district security said, "when the scene is too confused, do not know who is carrying the car, but many people, at least 20 people, the scene Very touching. "The driver to escape the uniforms covered with alcohol and asked" why catch me "Yizhou prison prison guards Mr. Wu is the first person to hear the cry came out when he was at home watching TV, hear Community outside the sound noisy, just now neighbors call him: the door of a car accident, and quickly come to help! Mr. Wu quickly ran to the door, in front of the scene so that he was shocked. Memories of the scene that night, he even said several "too tragic!" Mr. Wu said, then rain, a chaos on the road. Collapsed next to the tent, four or five people lying on the ground messy. His memory is the deepest, the neighbor Li Yu lying on the ground, the head could not bloody, a big brother squatted on the ground, with his hands covered her wounds. Seeing him, he hurriedly called 110 and 120. "The driver wants to run!" I heard someone shouting, Mr. Wu saw the white off-road vehicles are ready to turn around, intended to flee. He can not attend to so much, quickly rushed to reach out and grab a driver. The driver saw the fierce throttle, Mr. Wu was almost throw off, but he firmly grasp the other refused to let go, and while the driver shift, with a fierce, the driver dragged out, has been dragged to off-road vehicles The tail, put his head pressed on the car. However, the driver did not "hand to capture", but strongly resist. "He is very strong, and soon to be his break away!" Mr. Wu said, at this time another name of the people of the Tang rushed to help the two, the driver back tightly pressed the driver. At this time, two 110 police rushed to the scene. At that time the scene was chaotic, in order to prevent the driver to escape, Mr. Wu and Mr. Tang to the driver to the district security room, press it in a chair, until the other police arrived, the driver will be handed over to the police. Mr. Wu and Mr. Tang said that the driver was dragged down from the car, the walk is flash flash, who exudes a thick alcohol. "Look at the basic no sense of what!" Mr. Wu said, during which there is an angry citizen want to play the driver, he and Mr. Tang stopped. But the driver does not seem to know what happened, asked the crowd why the public to fight him. Police to the scene, he also asked why he should catch him. Mr. Wu transferred to him when the police, the driver also called the crowd to help him find the phone, and "told the public to help him take the phone over." Many witnesses said the driver was about three or four years old, wearing a striped short-sleeved, get off the legs kept shaking. Community security and many other witnesses told reporters that after the car in the incident from the location of about 300 meters of Jinping Avenue and Yan North Road, near the traffic lights also rub a car. The latest progress of 12 injured 6 people seriously injured 8 people for the guards and their families on the 16th afternoon, Huaxi Dushi Bao reporter from the Dayi traffic police brigade and Yizhou prison was informed that the Hibiscus area for the Jizhou prison workers area, the accident was injured There are 8 residents of the district residents, respectively, 2 active duty police, retired workers 3, 3 relatives of the police; the other four were the fruit stall holders and passing the public. 16 pm 4 pm, the reporter learned from a number of hospitals admitted to the wounded, retired workers Ms. Lee heavier injuries, the hospital has issued a critical notice, in addition to five seriously injured, the rest of the wounded and other minor injuries. In the afternoon, Dayi County Public Security Bureau official microblogging @ safe Dayi released "6? 15" traffic accident informed that: June 15 evening 8:30 Xu, in Dayi County Jinyuan town weir north and new Hibiscus area outside the back door to cause 12 people were injured in traffic accidents. Dayi traffic police carried out a comprehensive investigation of the accident. The preliminary investigation, the driver Pingmou suspected of drunk driving traffic accidents, has been administrative detention. (The characters are a pseudonym) Huaxi Dushi Bao reporter Li Xiujiang Wu Bingqing map network

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